Nothing beats going to the race track to bask in the sun during a day of good horse racing. The wild smells from the paddock combined with aromas of BBQ and the chattering from the crowd creates an energetic ambiance found only in the sport of kings.

A blast of the gun goes off as the horses launch out of the starting gate. Turn one sets the pace as the jockeys duel for position and begin to execute their game plan. Turn two goes by as the front-runners take their leads and the stretch-runners jockey for a clear path. As the horses fly by the third corner, the anticipation of winning a big bet builds as the strong finishers make their move. Finally they round the 4th corner as thundering hoofs roar down to the finish line at break neck speeds. Those with winning bets experience jubilation releasing cheers and praise for the victor while losers enjoy their beverage and move onto the next race when it will start all over again.

The adrenaline of betting horses sends shivers down the spines of race fans all over the world however they can’t always be at the track. Only in the State of Nevada could race fans place wagers without being at the track until 1970 when New York City also made it’s claim in the action. In 1978 the U.S. government released the Interstate Horse Racing Act which compromised interests between horse tracks, horse owners and the State. This allowed OTB off track betting no closer than 60 miles of the track while sharing the profits among those involved.

Today horse racing fans can place bets at the race, in OTB off track betting parlors or online through various horse racing based websites. When betting horses online customers have a few advantageous opportunities. Better odds, rebates and promotions as well as excellent OTB off track betting systems that make wagering easy. Online OTB websites also provide more props and futures than typical OTB betting parlors allowing horse racing fans to bet on horses in head to head match-ups and more. Advance wagering also gives race fans who choose to wager online the opportunity to bet on big races days, weeks and even months before they open at the track or in the OTB off track betting parlors.

Betting horses online through OTB off track betting systems has revolutionized horse racing and is increasing in popularity in the United States, Canada, China, Japan, Ireland, England and many other countries.